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Stricken Resolve by SK Logsdon

Kittys review of Stricken Resolve I don't know if I would have ever read these books unless I had stumbled on them. I was not much of an amazon girl (always got books from library) I don't usually try to many new authors. But so glad I started entering these contest on facebook. If I hadn't I wouldn't have won the first book Stricken Desire. Let me tell it was my kind of book. So after I read it I bought the other 2 in the series and could not wait for the 4th to come out. I feel as if Emily, Johnathon, James, Stacy, Kyle, Cammy and Dylan are part of my "Family". Johnathon wow He's the type want to hate but can't. He puts Emily through so much but all she does is love him. I could write about all the characters buy afraid to give to much away. This book takes you through them all growing up and maturing. I'm sad to see this story end but she did an awesome job tying it all together. I cried for Emily , I cried for James boy did I cry for him. Jonathon I wanted to strangle but that's a given. Cammy she is just so sweet. Stacy and Kyle so happy for them and Dylan who can't help but love that little butt. Then there is Dylan and the babies you cant help but love StrickenResolve_TourBanner Synopsis

Spending weeks in the hospital, recovering from surgery, Emily’s awaiting the next chapter in her life. But when a tragic loss emerges, consuming her, life changes as she knows it. Can she overcome something of this magnitude? Or will she finally hit the breaking point, losing herself in the process? Johnathan is confused, unable to decide what he wants or who he wants. When Emily’s pain becomes his own, it’s finally time for him to reflect on his life. What will he do? How will he provide for the one woman, who’s captured his heart from the moment he laid eyes upon her?

James has found the love of his life. But will their love finally be enough? Can it withstand the test of time? Or was it, like so many other things in life, only a brief glimpse of what true happiness feels like.

In this final Stricken Rock novel you will hear from three of your favorite characters and how they survive loss, love and unexpected circumstances. In the end, resolving what they've been fighting to achieve—true happiness or something that resembles it. Caution: This book contains heavy adult sexual content, profanity and BDSM. For ages 18+

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S.K. Logsdon is the author of three series; Stricken Rock, Attraction, and The Circle of Blood. She writes erotic romance novels, full of steam, unpredictability and sass. A stay at home mom. She enjoys her family, loves cake decorating and is an avid reader.

"I became a writer after being a stay at home mom for the past 9 years. I've always had a passion for reading and the creative nature for writing. Being an only child growing up, I spent hours living in my own world of imagination. Note books were filled with my thoughts and ideas and as an adult I have been lucky enough to turn those creative juices into a product for others to enjoy."

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