Monday, December 1, 2014

                             Star Promise Bk 5 of the Wishes Series
                                         By G.J. Walker-Smith

             After three blissful years of living in Pipers Cove, Adam and Charli head back to the bright lights of New York.

            Taking on a position at a Manhattan gallery turns out to be Charli’s dream job, but just a few weeks after starting at his father’s firm, Adam realizes that practicing law is his worst nightmare.

            Biding his time is the plan. Charli has wanderlust in her soul and he’s hopeful that sooner or later, she’ll want to go home.

            Riding it out isn’t hard. They’re as close as they’ve ever been and every spare minute is spent hanging out with their precious little girl.

            Life is good – until it’s not.

            When fate throws them one nasty curveball after another, Charli’s confidence is shattered and her heart is broken. After weeks of trying to make sense of the grief she’s feeling, both realize she’s out of her depth.

            Getting out of Dodge is Charli’s preferred MO and she doesn’t disappoint, finally deciding that it’s time to leave New York.

            Returning to Pipers Cove is not the quick fix they were hoping for. 

            Some things just can’t be mended, and the way she deals with that is going to change everything.                                 

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