Friday, August 8, 2014

Doesn't Play Well With Others
By Casey Harvell
Disclaimer: This book is going to be for mature audiences (18+) ONLY due to seriously excessive foul language and minor sex and violence.
Selene Warren has it rough. After her mom passes when she's little, she gets stuck with her aunt (a crack-whore.) Life with Selene’s aunt lacks any type of love or support. Selene constantly struggles and when she turns fifteen her aunt is diagnosed with H.I.V. It soon becomes apparent that her aunt expects her to take over the family business and Selene runs for dear life.
She manages pretty well for a couple years. One day she saves a scruffy looking kid from a window. Before she knows it she adopts a stray of her own. Life seems a bit better until Selene gets stabbed trying to protect the kid.
Selene makes it, but discovers the kid is no normal runaway--he's the only son of a VERY rich and prominent family. A new friend comes forward to clear Selene of possible kidnapping charges, but for the life of her Selene can't figure out why the hell a rich kid would rather live on the streets than on a ritzy estate.
Alex wants to break down the walls around Selene so badly. Selene’s life leaves her with no room to trust anyone. For as long as she can remember she’s had to rely on herself. Will Selene be able to escape her degenerate world? Because she doesn't play well with others.
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Selene’s Best Quotes: (Mature-Strong Language)
“Well, color me the picture of fucking responsibility.”
“Listen kid if we’re going to stick together you have to get one thing straight. I don’t like people.”
“I know that I’m screwed and I still can’t help the word vomit that spews from my mouth.”
“I won’t take dirty money and if you think it’s anything but that then you’re a fucking moron.”
“Whatever the fuck is wrong with me right now denies me the opportunity to lie like I should.”
“What the fucks a Thor?”

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